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How to vote:
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with your score after each song, like this: That was fantastic! 9/10 #eurovision
Visit our official(-ish) thread, and post after each song, like this: That was awesome! 9/10
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What is this?
This is Nul Points. It tracks votes cast on the Internet for the Eurovision Song Contest, to determine which acts the world loves, and which ones fully deserve nul points.
How do I vote?
Via your chosen medium, give a score out of ten for each song, ranging from 0–10, e.g. "I like it! 6/10". You can vote from around 30 seconds into each song, up until the start of the next. The best way to make sure your score counts is to vote just after the song finishes. Include whatever other thoughts you wish, Nul Points will only look for the score out of ten. Scores posted outside of the voting window will not be counted towards any act.
Where can I vote?
Currently you can vote via Twitter (hashtag #eurovision), or on The Student Room.
What are the "Rating" and "Controversy" scores?
Rating is the average of all users' scores, with some clever maths to make it a bit clearer how the songs rank. Controversy is the standard deviation of user scores, which means the more divided opinion is on a song, the higher the controversy rating is.
Is this official?
We have no affiliation with Eurovision itself, the EBU, Twitter or any TV or radio broadcaster.
Can this predict the result?
We take no responsibility for any failed wagers, disappointed patriots or broken egos as a result of using this data. It's the Internet!
It's not working?
Don't panic, just try reloading the page. It might take a little while for votes to be counted up, so be patient!